AiM ACC2 Open 3 Analog and 1 EGT inputs to CAN Module

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AiM ACC2 Open is the new compact Analog CAN Converter.

You can choose between two versions:
AiM expansion for whom already have an AiM system.

Open version connectable through CAN to every external device, easy configurable via USB.

The new AiM ACC2 Open manages 4 analog inputs to a max frequency of 200 Hz each and thanks to the dedicated split harness, the managed inputs are:
• Thermocouples
• Thermoresistances
• 0-5 V Signal
• 0-12 V Signal

Upgrade your system to the next level, connecting all the sensors you may need to analyze your performance!

Weight 0.435 kg
Dimensions 0.16 × 0.11 × 0.06 m
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7 days


AiM Tech

AiM ACC2 Open Kit

3x Analog + 1x EGT


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