Link Razor PDM Power Distribution Module

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Link highly anticipated PDM, the Razor PDM, is an intelligent Power Distribution Module that replaces traditional fuses and relays, putting you in complete control of your setup.

The Razor PDM is a programmable device that uses logic for the smart control of any outputs you have connected, meaning events and commands can be triggered when your vehicle hits specific parameters.

The device will allow you to manage things such as fuel pumps, radiator fans, electronic throttles, servos, lights and more, as well as monitoring analog or digital sensor signals.

You can gain full control by using an Analog Switch Panel, CAN Keypad or ECU to switch output channels, as well as increasing reliability and protecting your critical components from damage.

With superior thermal performance, the Razor PDM has been designed with vehicle protection in mind, while allowing for a more efficient, cleaner, and reliable build.

Product Features:

  • 100A continuous combined current.
  • It can be used in conjunction with a Link ECU as an I/O expander, or as a completely standalone device.
  • 4 high power outputs capable of 25A continuous, PWM, high side drive, low side drive, or paired for H-bridge actuator motor control.
  • 8 Universal A/D I/O pins, capable of 8A output each or as analog or digital inputs. Software controlled pull-ups and adjustable switching thresholds when used as inputs.
  • Flexible and powerful control strategies including internal general purpose PID control, math functions, logic expressions and CAN keypad functions.
  • CAN keypad integration and flexible button logic, buttons can control PDM or Link ECU functions (G4X or G4+ with some limitations).
  • 26 pin Superseal connector.
  • Fully sealed CNC aluminium enclosure.
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