Xtra Engineering Services

Motorsport Wiring

Xtra Engineering – the company that has experience in designing and manufacturing of custom wiring solutions for race cars and prototypes. Increasing complexity in race cars requires high degree of understanding in the electrical architecture of the project.

We provide you the extensive system know-how and experience. We always find out that most teams do their electrical as the last minute job and don’t put too much development into it, which amazes us since it is a critical component of the car.

As a system suppliers, we are familiar with the full spectrum of electronic requirements of the components in a race car. Whether it is complete vehicle wiring, test equipment or a simple adapter – we design, plan, construct and test according to your individual requirements and requests.

Electrical gremlins can waste an entire race weekend and usually take some expertise to diagnose and solve. Whether your project is small, or a complete system redesign, look to Xtra Engineering for your solutions.

We understand that looms are often a major expense and we are able to work with our customers to reduce costs wherever possible without sacrificing on quality.

Dynapack Dyno

The Dynapack™ directs couples to the wheel hubs and applies a precisely controlled hydraulic load. This direct coupling+ method and its built-in strength leads to the Dynapack™ being in control at all times. Controlling a powerful car on a roller dyno can sometimes be difficult. With Dynapack™, you obtain TOTAL CONTROL of the vehicle with no wheel-slip due to its coupled design, ensuring a greatly improved sensitivity and repeatability, while significantly reducing the time span of tuning and mapping! With the power of the Dynapack™ right at your fingertips, you obtain complete control of the tests and demands made by the vehicle. Flexible data presentation and analysis is available directly from the Dynapack™ within seconds. Most of the previous assumptions made about chassis dynos (the roller type) simply do not apply to the new Dynapack™ series.

Dynapack Rent

We offer you the best service in the industry while assisting you through the entire dyno process. Our service begins well before your appointment.

Our Dynapack Dyno is the safest, most repeatable and best load-controlling dyno on the market today.

Dyno rental includes the usage of dyno equipment and the operator.

We are available during weekdays, weekends and off-hours. We can also work with your schedule!

Motorsport Engineering Services

Car electronics system health should always be monitored to ensure reliability and avoid potential component failures. We believe Data Acquisition Systems are a mandatory part of any race car but such systems are useless without an operator who can read the data. We offer track support services and on request will even train team members on the basics of data acquisition in order to allow constant monitoring of their race car.

Such systems as Traction Control, Launch Control, Gear Shift Control Strategies can be difficult if not impossible to calibrate on a Dyno. For such systems we recommend our Track Engineering Support Services in order to constantly update and improve performance in an on track environment.

Whether you are a team looking for additional data resources for the full season, for special projects, or for running additional vehicles at select events, Xtra Engineering can help.

With vast experience of the most prominent data acquisitions companies: Cosworth Electronics (Pi Toolbox, Pi Toolset), MoTeC (i2, M1), Bosch Motorsport (WinDarab, RaceCon), Magneti Marelli (WinTax, Sysma), AiM – Xtra Engineering has you covered.

We can be used for data analysis, fuel strategy, wiring, telemetry, GPS systems, on-board video, etc. We are available for race weekends, test days or even shop time to optimize, setup or install your data acquisition systems.

Engine Calibration (Mapping)

Xtra Engineering can perform full engine control units (ECU) calibration using in house state of the art Dynapack dyno in our Dyno room. We have experience tuning a wide range of competition engines. Our range of expertise also includes Individual Throttle Bodies (both NA and Turbo!), Drive By Wire (DBW), variable camshaft systems and traction control mapping. Our experience also stretches to an even wider range of motorsport engine control units (ECU’s) including:

  • Emtron KV, SL Series
  • Motec M1, M800
  • Cosworth (Pectel)
  • LinkECU
  • Bosch Motorsport

Xtra Engineering dyno tune is not just a full power run but a complete engine calibration with the intention of maximising your engine’s performance under all conditions. Our in house Dynapack hub chassis dynamometer is utilised to provide you with the best result for road or track.