Roundit 2000 13 mm Wrap Around Cable Sleeving

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Roundit 2000 13 mm Wrap Around Cable Sleeving features a split wrap design that allows for easy insertion and removal of wires or bundles of cables.

Roundit® 2000 Wrap Around Cable Sleeving Features:

  • Self-wrapping side entry design makes installation and bundle maintenance easy
  • Polyester mono and multi-filament construction prevents abrasion, cuts, and chafing
  • Rated For Tempurature up to 125° C
  • Heat treated to keep its original shape
  • Ideal for cables and lines that are already in place and difficult to remove or uninstall
  • Protects wires from spilled liquids and sharp edges
  • Gives any application an organized look without having to disrupt connectors or fittings on in-place installations

Protect cords, assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses with this tough but lightweight sleeving that serves as a balance between corrugated split wire loom and expandable braided sleeving. It is soft and flexible but durable and resistant to cuts and abrasions.

Roundit 2000 can be used in club sport level wiring harnesses, Group N type cockpit wiring looms.

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