Bosch Motorsport CAS-M light Collision Avoidance System, 1 Mbaud

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Bosch Motorsport Collision avoidance system CAS-M light helps the driver to focus on the track and warns him if a car is approaching from behind. The system provides information about relative speed and distance of the closest vehicle on the CAN bus.

Additional Display with CAN bus interface is required (e.g. DDU 9, DDU 10, DDU 11).

The information is based on a Bosch radar sensor which contains a FMCW radar transceiver operating in the frequency range of 76.0 – 77.0 GHz. Targets in front of the sensor are reflecting the radar signal and the relative speed and distance is determined via Doppler-effect and beat frequency.

The benefit is even more increased during darkness or in bad weather conditions. The system interface is very intuitive and adaptable to the drivers liking.


  • Radar sensor with integrated logic
  • Warning for overtake situations
  • Easy system adaptation
  • Universal CAN interface for various displays
  • Visualization via display LEDs

Bosch CAS-M Light provides information for distance and relative speed of the closest vehicle behind via two LEDs (left and right) in the driver display. Only the closest vehicle behind is considered. All other objects are suppressed.

In large (green) and medium (yellow) distance both LEDs (left and right) are used in parallel to provide the available information. In close (red) distance a left/right determination is done, and only the appropriate left or right LED is used to provide information about the object behind the driver.

All distance and delta speed thresholds based on the physical raw values to control the object detection and LED visualization can be adjusted individually via CAN (depending on pilot and race category different settings may be required).

CAS-M light contains a pre-defined visualization concept to allow for a quick starting with the system. The pre-defined thresholds are based on Bosch Motorsport know how and experience with the system.

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Bosch Motorsport

CAN Bus Speed

1 Mbit/s


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